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Members of this Bratislava based band is made of old time friends, who had been involved with music professionally and passionately as music lovers. The band was formed spontaneously. Their story began at a New Years Eve party in the former Villa Aida, in Hodruša-Hámre, where Vlado Janček and Bebe made up a few songs for their families. Amongst them was their first single with dadaist lyrics called Príbor, also to be found on their anticipated debut album Bozkávam. They were later joined by Kasko and Jožo Lipa. In their own words their music resembles primitive rock which is a „wrong answer to Britpop and a right answer to Slovak pop and Czech underground.“ The album Bozkávam should be released during the spring of this year and would contain 14 tracks, amongst them hits like Kde mám bundu?, Fúzy, Spleen or Prostredsong. It has been co-produced by the lead singer Kasko and musician and producer Tomáš Sloboda (Le Payaco, Sounds Like This). The band played their debut koncert in Nu Spirit Club. Since then they played at the Pohoda and Grape festivals. They were also playing at the Radio_Head Awards Festival in the Chamber studio of the Slovak radio on the 14th of March, where they introduced a few songs from their new album.