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This four member rock band has been on the scene since 2012. Millhouse first caught the attention of the public in Radio_FM´s program Demovnica_FM with the song called Mangy Wolf. Their next song Superhero appeared on the Demovnica naostro compilation. The band prides itself on their EP Alea Iacta Est, which they released unconventionally – on a USB drive. In 2014, under the heading of go2stage, Millhouse released their debut album Event Horizon, which contains 12 tracks. This Bratislava band has represented Slovakia twice on the international competition Emergenza. Apart from playing various club concerts, they have performed on international festivals like Pohoda, Waves, Rockscape or Cinematik. In Jun 2015 supported Nightwish and Sabaton on their sold out (10 000 people) concert in Slovakia with crowd of 6.000 people. Presently finishing acoustic album Owls On The Hunt. This year were in Balcony TV and also in nationwide TV – in program “Music(Hudba) made in Slovakia” as a young talented band.