“Folk Youthness” was found in year 2016 and is interesting new music project by pianist, composer and founder of the idea – only 23-years old Martin Štefánik, merging elements of folklore, jazz, classical and modern energic music. This fusion of seemingly unsuitable components comes out as very interesting in Martin Štefánik’s arrangements. His compositions and their unique style brings an innovative approach into traditional understanding and processing of folklore songs.

The band gained wider recognition immediately after its formation and won several awards in 2016: – as one of the Newcomers of the year in the Bratislava jazz days talent competition – New faces of slovak jazz competition. -On RadioHeadAwards 2016 won in category “The Best New Act”.

Members Martin Majlo Štefánik – founder, composer, pianist (studied at Conservatory in Bratislava, Slovakia) Ján Kružliak jr. – violinist (studied at The Royal Academy of Music, Denmark) Jakub Kačic – drummer (studied at Berkeley College of Music, JAMU Prague) Jozef Madola – bass, contrabass player Peter Leto – cymbalo Daniela Sihelská – vocalist (also member of SĽUK – Slovak Folk Art Ensemble) Mária Nagyová – vocalist (she was a member of SĽUK for 11 years) Monika Horičková – vocalist Terézia Jarošová – vocalist (during studies was she a vocalist in University choir in Amsterdam and Hague)